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US HOFA releases IQ-Series Transient      04/07/23

HOFA says that their IQ-Series Transient will give your productions the perfect punch. Here's more details in their own words...

The IQ-Series Transient offers:
- Innovative processing of transients and sustains
- Transient and Sustain EQs for frequency-selective processing
- Magic Boost for steady transients
- More punch for your drums

Magic Boost
Magic Boost guarantees steady transients even with difficult signals. It allows you to amplify quiet transients more than loud transients. Boost Target sets the maximum gain.

Transient and Sustain EQs
With up to 5 fully parametric bands, you can precisely select the frequency ranges to be processed. Both EQs can be used independently and offer unique sound shaping possibilities.

With the lower and upper thresholds, you set the dynamic range in which transients are to be detected. This allows you to specifically exclude background noise and crosstalk from the transient processing.

Time Chart
If you want to be absolutely accurate, you can open the time chart. It shows you exactly which parts of your audio have been detected as transients or sustain and how pronounced they are. The time chart is particularly useful for setting thresholds and boost targets directly in the chart for even more precise control over the sound.

Pricing and Availability:
On offer at 79,90 €

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