Podcast: Sonic TALK 762 - Glasto, Korg OPSIX SE

US And Starsky Carr      29/06/23

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75:16 mins


  • Starsky Carr - musician, youtuber
  • Yoad Nevo - producer, mix engineer Waves Developer
  • Ty Unwin- media composer, producer, orchestrator

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00:09:12 Glasto
00:21:25 AD: Baby Audio - Save 15% With ST2023 Code
00:22:37 Water Concerto
00:31:56 Erica Synths Bullfrog
00:32:00 Korg OPSIX Goes Large Too
00:43:23 AD: iZotope Summer Of Sound
00:44:31 Cherry Audio Novachord and SoloVox
00:55:14 Quirkism asks via - [youtube] - QQ You can only take one synth and one FX unit to a desert island. What would they be?
01:05:14 Dom Hawken's Studio Sale


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