The Definitive Story of The Chemical Brothers

US 'Paused in Cosmic Reflection' book available for pre-order      28/06/23

The Definitive Story of The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers have just announced a new track from their upcoming album, and alongside that, news of a book covering their mind-bending 30 year journey. Featuring the words of the duo themselves, as well as contributions  from Noel Gallagher, Beck, Aurora, Beth Orton, Michel Gondry, Wayne Coyne, and many more. There are 3 versions available, detailed below, all open to pre orders and shipping in October 2023. Here's some info from their site:

We are excited to announce the release of The Chemical Brothers' Paused In Cosmic Reflection.

Paused in Cosmic Reflection is the definitive story of The Chemical Brothers by Robin Turner, told in the voices of Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons, with contributions from friends & collaborators.  Fully illustrated with 30 years of mind-bending visuals.

Available in three editions:

  • Standard Hardback Edition: also available as an ebook and audio download
  •  Record Store Exclusive Edition: limited to 1500 copies – housed in a bespoke slipcase, with alternate colourway and ribbon marker, plus a Kate Gibb risograph art print.
  • White Rabbit Deluxe Edition: limited to 500 copies – an individually numbered hardback edition with alternate cover artwork and ribbon marker, housed in a bespoke clamshell box also containing: an exclusive 7" of previously unreleased track 'Superflash', a Kate Gibb risograph art print and bonus additional print, plus a sticker sheet and panoramic studio poster.


And here's the new single, Live Again:

Pre order the book here:


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