Superbooth 2023: Ruper Neve Designs 500 Series and RNDi-8

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Rupert Neve Designs surprised everyone by exhibiting at Superbooth 2023. Chris Dauray gave a tour of their booth, which  features synths borrowed from Moog, including a D-Fam and a Mother 32, as well as a small rack of their gear.

The rack includes most of their 500 series modules such as tape emulators, preamps, EQs, and diode bridge compressors. The team also brought their Shelford channel, their 5057 Orbit 16 channel summing mixer, and their MBC Master Bus Converter with the limiter. Additionally, Rupert Neve Designs showcased their newest product, the RNDi-8, which is an active transformer DI. It's essentially a combination of the best elements of an active DI and a passive DI, and it has large custom-designed transformers in it.

The RNDi series includes a mono, a stereo, and an eight-channel option. There are no controls over the transformers in the RNDi series, but they are designed to be a hallmark of Rupert Neve's design. The RNDi-8 is an active transformer DI that combines the best of both worlds and is a mono direct interface for instruments. It debuted in 2015, and since then, Rupert Neve Designs has sold around 25,000 channels of RNDi around the world. Rupert Neve Designs are known for designing their own transformers, which go into all of their gear and have become a defining feature of their products.

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