Superbooth 2023: Xaoc Devices - New Modules

US 5 new modules from Xaoc      12/05/23

We spoke to Lukasz from Xaoc Devices at Superbooth 2023, where he introduced five new modules. The first one is Ostrawa, a stereo mixer with four channels with full stereo inputs, a full stereo aux loop that can change from pre-fader to post-fader, manual muting, balance control, two direct inputs, and four inputs for gates for muting the channels of Ostrava. Next we saw, Bohumin, an expander to Ostrava which adds a second stereo auxiliary loop. The third module, Deva, is an expander for Timiszoara, which is a multi-effects module that adds two analog feedback loops with CV control over the return volume and tilt filters.

The last two new modules are from the Leibniz subsystem, which includes Dresno and Rostock. Dresno is a vastly improved new version of one of the first modules released in the subsystem that features a high-grade 16-bit converter, a switch in the middle that switches the range of Fresno, and calibration for chromatic quantization. Lastly, Rostock is a binary data pipeline that is a digital shift register that can delay anything fed into it by up to 64 samples. Users can adjust the number of samples and engage the loop button to create a repeating and regular sequence.

Ostrawa, Deva and Rostock Available June 2023

Bohumin and Dresno available Autumn 2023

Prices: Ostrawa: 180 Euro, Bohumin 260 Euros, Deva 180 Euros, Dresno 2 295 Euros, Rostock 260 Euros

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