Superbooth 2023: Teenage Engineering - CM15 Mic - TP7 Multitrack Recorder

US Supercardioid condenser mic and multitrack recorder complete the Field range      12/05/23

We met Tobias in the Teenage Engineering van at Superbooth 2023, and he introduced us to new products in the Field Series, which join the OP1 Field and TX6. We got a look at the CM15 condenser microphone, a super cardioid mic with a 1-inch capsule that has mini XLR output, a line output, and a USB-C output. It is battery powered and can also be charged or run off of phantom power, with all outputs outputting simultaneously. Additionally, the company announced the release of TP7, a multitrack recorder with a rotating drum and built-in microphone, and it can also be used as an audio interface with three analog stereo TRRS, two-way jacks.

The CM15 condenser microphone features a capsule design from American company Peluso, and is accompanied by a little tripod stand which is sold separately. The TP7 multitrack recorder has a battery life of seven hours and can be recharged via USB-C, and can also be used as inputs for multitrack recording and outputs for stem playing. These are recorded as multitrack WAV files and can be outputted through the USB-C connection.

CM15 Price: 1,100 USD

TP7 Price: 1,499 USD

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