Superbooth 2023: Tiptop Audio - Art - Polytip Cables

US New module and cables can control multiple modules polyphonically      11/05/23

We met with Gur from Tiptop Audio to find out about their latest project called Art. Art produces a signal they've been working on for over a decade that fixes the tuning problems of Eurorack systems. With Art, they can link multiple modules together and play polyphonically. This led them to develop discrete polyphonic synthesizers that can be built from separate oscillators and filters, and they also revived the Vortex 6, a fully polyphonic module which is a clone of the PPG wave 2.0 with 8-bit converters from the '80s and has six built-in oscillators. Vortex 6 can use their newly developed cable, the Polytip cable, to patch the audio out from the Vortex 6 into the audio in of the octopus filter.

With the Polytip cable, they can patch up to eight signals that carry all the signals, such as the eight filters, eight envelopes, and six VCAs of the modules. This opens up a whole new world of sonic possibilities and Tiptop are continuously working on this project and plan to release more modules that use Art in the future.

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