Vienna Symphonic Library adopt GPU Audio Technology

US Vienna MIR Pro 3D marks the first use of new GPU processing      24/04/23

As reported from the NAMM show, VSL and GPU Audio have partnered for the first time to support the Vienna MIR Pro 3D Multi Impulse Response Convolution platform. The plugin allows for placement of hundreds of sound sources within a host of world-renowned arenas - with the ability to place surround sound microphones anywhere. Here's the press release:

GPU Audio and Vienna Symphonic Library are excited to announce a brand new partnership; unveiling the Vienna MIR Pro 3D Multi Impulse Response Convolution platform powered for the first time by GPU Audio technology. This landmark collaboration sees one of the most established plug-in manufacturers join forces with the company making waves in the audio technology field; processing high fidelity, ultra low latency audio using graphics cards. 

The Vienna MIR Pro 3D concept offers a unique, and immersive approach to space as a musical instrument, while ensuring pristine sound quality. It offers direct access to virtual representations of some of the world's most exciting acoustic spaces with up to four listener/mic positions and virtually unlimited source positions. The collaboration with GPU Audio marks a shift in modern plug-in development, outsourcing huge swathes of in-demand CPU processes directly to the infinitely more adaptable and streamlined graphics card - opening up system resources tenfold, giving musicians less headaches and more creative freedom.

Vienna MIR Pro 3D reframes and redesigns how composers, producers, sound designers, and live FOH engineers interact with their audio platforms. It replaces countless parameters, faders, knobs and engineering know-how with an entirely new graphical concept which allows users to interact more like a conductor than an engineer, to intuitively achieve greater clarity, immersion and authenticity in a mix. MIR's core engine relies heavily on convolution; a mathematical process that ordinarily pushes the CPU to the limit, with a huge number of sound sources (such as orchestras), multiple output channels (for the likes of 3D audio) and long reverb tails resulting in hundreds, or even thousands of convolutions*. Now utilising GPU Audio's patented technology in addition to the CPU is a step towards a new dimension of processing power. 

VSL's approach is one of a kind - there's no other company or platform offering such high fidelity convolution-based virtual rooms with this level of interaction and seamless control. To combine this pro-tier acoustic authenticity and accuracy with the vast processing capabilities of a graphics card provided by GPU Audio is truly a paradigm-shifting moment for the industry. 

Vienna MIR Pro 3D Features and Benefits:

  • Direct access to virtual representations of some of the world's most exciting acoustic spaces, from up to four listener/mic positions and virtually unlimited source positions.
  • Based on pure, true-to-the-source audio recordings upscaled to 3rd Order Ambisonics – no algorithmic reverb or physical modelling.
  • Full 3D audio support, six degrees of freedom – instruments or any other sound source, virtual microphones and microphone capsules can be moved in a fluid three-dimensional space and rotated and tilted in any direction
  • Total flexibility of audio output formats, from stereo to surround to immersive and raw Ambisonics.
  • The unique MIR Control Icon allows for easy placing of any audio signal in a three-dimensional room and control of almost any sonic aspect quickly and intuitively.
  • Tabbed instances provide multiple venues simultaneously, with instruments taking up "Roles" to move between venues.
  • Individual RoomEQ settings for different signal sources allow for specific fine-tuning of the "wet" signal
  • Character Presets (such as 'Air', 'Silk', 'Bite', 'Distant', 'Warm') for quick timbral changes
  • Advanced Preset Management of Venue Presets and Roles
  • Optional distance-depending air absorption filter and volume scaling
  • Adjustable Room Tone (natural noise floor) recorded from each microphone position in full Ambisonics
  • Directional frequency profiles with reflectional information from every single Vienna Instrument, plus a selection of "General Purpose" profiles for 3rd party sources, for the most accurate rendering
  • Works with any commonly used sampling frequency, up to 192 kHz
  • AU/VST/VST3/AAX Native plug-in for direct integration with most modern DAWs



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