Mach1 and GPU Audio Announce New Spatial System

US Multichannel and Spatial Audio Suite on show at NAMM      07/04/23

Mach1 and GPU Audio Announce New Spatial System

GPU Audio have announced their first partner plugin, alongside Mach1, a company specializing in Spatial Audio. The plugin will be previewed at the upcoming NAMM show and will enable everyone to mix spatial audio in any DAW. It'll be a free release, which will utilise GPU power for audio processing - the first of a number of collaborative releases GPU Audio are set to announce. Paid for, Pro tier versions of the Spatial System are also being designed, and will be released later this year. 

Here's the lowdown:

Leveraging GPU Audio's novel approach to accelerating audio processing with the untapped power of the GPU, the Mach1 Spatial System will be a groundbreaking free tool. This cross-platform workflow democratizes access to the existing product in the market, Mach1 Spatial System ($499.00), taking advantage of GPU power and giving users access to flexible spatial and multichannel audio mixing for emerging audio mediums. 

The New York Times R&D Spatial Audio Report recently called Mach1 an "effective alternative to Dolby Atmos" due to its flexibility and web browser support. The Mach1 Spatial framework unifies all multichannel and spatial audio formats, making it format, codec, and platform agnostic. Mach1 Spatial is 100% transparent, with no additional filtering or signal-altering processing required to simulate spatial audio, enabling Mach1 to bring much-needed interoperability and standards to spatial audio production and development.

Mach1 Spatial System is a multichannel and spatial audio framework for the community to develop standards and best practices, allowing users to confidently deliver spatial or multichannel audio of any existing specification now or in the future. An accompanying series of Mach1 Spatial System Pro-Tier paid plugins are also being designed to take advantage of GPU processing for audio, which will further enhance the Mach1 Spatial System workflow for spatial audio.

"Spatial audio is not just a processing effect or feature; it is a new medium," states CEO Jacqueline Bosnjak. "We are ensuring what has existed for stereo as a medium can also exist for multichannel and spatial audio. Since we all understand stereo and no one owns it, we can collectively develop tools that interface with it properly, which allowed it to thrive as a creative digital medium. Mach1 and GPUA are building tools to enable spatial audio to reach its full potential as a new medium where artists and engineers have full creative control"

The free cross-platform Mach1 Spatial System, in collaboration with GPU Audio, will be released later this year, and an early-stage demo will be showcased at the GPU Audio booth at the 2023 NAMM Show on April 13-15th, 2023. 

Mach1 will have a series of projects mixed with the Mach1 Spatial System, including artist Eli Keszler [LUCKYME® /Warp Records] "Eli's Percussion in Mach1," a live jazz recording of "Misty," and a spatial sound recording from the Okavango Delta in Africa, which will be presented at the GPU Audio Innovation Lounge with Genelec.

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