Waves Announces A New Application

US SuperRack Performer is a live-sound plugin host running natively on Mac & PC      20/04/23

Waves Announces A New Application

Waves Audio has announced SuperRack Performer which they describe as a live-sound plugin host running natively on Mac & PC. They say that, with SuperRack Performer, you can now get the exact live sound you want, by just adding Waves plugins to live setups of any size, any budget. All you need are Waves plugins running on a Mac or PC connected to the mixer, with no extra hardware required.  

A spokesperson told us, "Today's music not only embraces plugins, but often relies on them for the artist's true signature sound. Integrating Waves plugins into your live rig gives you total freedom over the sound you can conjure for the audience. With SuperRack Performer, you can now make your music sound true to its intention. Capturing true studio sound on stage is now simpler than ever. "

Here's more details, direct from Waves...

Simple to set up, it is a natural extension of any mixing console, digital or analog. It's optimized for simple setup and connectivity, no matter the venue, and streamlined for live show use with efficient loading, routing, plugin control, quick keys, MIDI-use and snapshot recall.  

Insert your plugins of choice for the perfect vocal tuning & FX, tight and punchy drums, instant feedback elimination, even your favorite analog-modeled chain on the mix bus--and much more. With SuperRack Performer, you are no longer being held back by problematic gear or venues. Use your Waves plugins to solve room problems, make the show sound as polished as studio recordings, and empower your performers to sound great anywhere.  

Likewise, musicians can now take full control of their show, with no need to compromise on their live setup. They can now give fans their studio sound on stage by using the exact plugin chains used in their recordings.  

Waves SuperRack Performer Features:

  • Native Waves plugin host for live performances
  • Musicians: get your exact studio sound on stage
  • USB sync with digital consoles; no additional cabling
  • App optimized & streamlined for live show use
  • Recall snapshots remotely using the Waves mRecall app
  • Get top tier-sound at any show, of any size or budget
  • Solve room problems with Waves' specialized plugins
  • Run up to 64 stereo plugin racks
  • Stable & reliable for live shows with minimal latency  

Pricing and Availability:


More information:



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