NAMM 2023: Entropy and Sons Release Date For Video Synth

US Live inputs from webcam and HDMI too      16/04/23

Gene from Entropy and Sons showcased the Video synthesizer that they have been working on for some time now. Although they showed it to the public last year, they have made a lot of progress since then, and it will be released in a couple of months on the week of June 26th. The video synth has eight CV jacks on the back and runs various algorithms that the company has put on there. The synthesizer is an instrument host, which means it can run various image processing plugins, and the user can control it with various controls. The device also comes with a dongle that allows any HDMI stream to feed directly into the synthesizer. Moreover, the synthesizer uses the camera as a modulation source, so it is doing something more sophisticated. The camera can be used to point at a band, DJ, crowd, or any other kind of source, and the synthesizer can integrate with your set.

The frame rate of the device is variable, and it will work fine on any kind of screen, but it does not input a different frame rate. The company plans to keep releasing new instruments as time goes on that have the same kind of UI and the same interoperability with other devices. The synthesizer has two instruments, one of which is the wave interference pattern, and the other one is a new instrument that uses audio and also the camera. Although the camera is now the video loop, the company plans to test if it can have more than one camera source. More information on the synthesizer and its features can be found on the company's website.

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