NAMM 2024: Entropy And Sons - Video Synth

US A video synth that aims to outperform all the others      26/01/24

At NAMM 2024, we had the opportunity to interview Gene, the founder of Entropy and Sons, a maker and designer of a revolutionary video synth. Gene showcased the capabilities of the video synth, highlighting its interoperability and usability. The device can respond to a wide variety of inputs, including music, camera input, VJ clips, video sources, and modular gear. It has eight 0 to 10 volt CV jacks and MIDI compatibility. The video synth is not just a system based on video clips and loops; it is a generative system that dynamically and algorithmically generates content. With over 100 parameters that can be controlled through MIDI and audio signals, the possibilities are enormous. Gene also demonstrated the new UIs, including a Play Mode with presets and a Performance Widget designed for live performances. The video synth is expected to be released in March or April.

Entropy And Sons Video Synth Available for pre-order. Price: 1,200 USD

NAMM discount code (NAM2024) available until February 1st.


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