NAMM 2023: Muse Ovations - Beatwarp

US New groovebox sequencer coming soon      16/04/23

Sonic State caught up with Vaughan and Joel from Muse Ovations at NAMM 2023 to take a closer look at their upcoming Beatwarp groovebox sequencer. The Beatwarp is a stand-alone, all-in-one sequencer that features eight tracks of sequencing, all of which can be controlled independently. Each track can have its own sound and can be edited with a wide range of effects, filters, and modulation options. Vaughan and Joel explained that the Beatwarp has been designed to be easy to use and intuitive.

The Beatwarp also has a number of built-in patterns, which can be used as a starting point for creating your own beats. Vaughan and Joel demonstrated how easy it is to create a pattern using the built-in step sequencer, and then how to manipulate that pattern using the various editing tools available. They also showed how the Beatwarp can be used to control external gear, such as synths and drum machines.

Muse Ovations will be launching a Kickstarter for the Beatwarp by the end of summer 2023.

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