Arturia Release Classic Rev LX-24

US The studio console reverb      06/04/23

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Arturia has announced a new addition to their range of FX plug-ins, the Rev LX-24 is a classic 80s/90s digital algorithmic reverb based on the the Lexicon 224  (we can say it!). 

Famous as THE sound of many productions from those eras from classy and characterful small spaces to large and unreal,  Arturia have given it a UI makeover, added sidechain effects such as a ducker for moving all that lush reverb out of the way should you need it, 

Their description:

Rev LX-24 is an enhanced virtual replica of a retro ambience box that defined reverb for a generation. Make your mixes bloom with real-feeling space, cave depth atmosphere, and subtly-sparkling texture in seconds with a vintage digital sound that refuses to get old.

Available now at an intro price of €69 from €99 grab it here:


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