How to Layer Synths

US Pro advice from F9 Audio in Ableton & Bitwig      30/03/23

Layering sounds is an often debated and discussed technique in music making, but is it really good practice? James Wiltshire of F9 Audio and the Freemasons, is here to explain how it's done by the professionals. In the video, he demonstrates the stereo field visually and uses a Mid-Side EQ to sculpt a selection of sounds - taken from his latest 'Mercury P5' release. James also goes into the deep implementation available in Bitwig towards the end. Great advice to really give your track some energy! 

Here's the info in his words:

In this video, we'll demonstrate a whole host of techniques for layering synth sounds, including basses, using F9 Mercury P5 as our example. Discover the key mantra that will guide you and learn to utilize stereo imaging in a smart, deliberate manner. While this tutorial is created with Ableton, the principles apply universally.

Though it's a basic approach, it can help you establish the stereo foundation of your mix, as visualizing your stereo positioning in your mind can be highly valuable. From a young age, we've been trained to follow visual cues, and taking a moment to plan away from the screen can save you considerable time and effort and a ton of blood, sweat, and tears. Always keep in mind the golden rule of audio work: prioritize your ears first, followed by your eyes.


More from F9 Audio's youtube channel here:

And the latest Mercury P5 collection is available here:


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