Genelec Marks 45th Anniversary

US World Tour combines monitor demonstrations with learning and listening experiences      22/02/23

Genelec Marks 45th Anniversary

Genelec is marking its 45th anniversary this year by launching the Genelec 45 World Tour, which they say celebrates truthful sound and the passion that powers it. They tell us that the extensive tour combines demonstrations of Genelec studio monitors with a program of premium learning and listening experiences, complemented by a major global music collaboration. A spokesperson said, "The Genelec 45 World Tour provides audio professionals, sonic creators and audiophiles with a unique opportunity to experience the beauty and power of truthful sound, wherever they might be located."
Here's more details direct from the company...
Central to the tour is the Genelec | Experience series of premium events, which includes face-to-face listening sessions at Genelec's growing international network of Experience Centres, complemented by hybrid and virtual events, regional partner events and traditional trade shows. The Genelec | Experiencewill not only provide an opportunity for customers to audition Genelec's state-of-the-art studio monitors but will also allow customers to learn about and experience a wide range of Genelec stereo and immersive loudspeaker systems in a controlled, critical listening environment. 
For those that can't attend the Genelec | Experience in person, Genelec will also be making full use of its digital channels throughout 2023 to deliver a program of online masterclasses, tutorials, webinars and informal knowledge-sharing sessions, while the new Genelec Virtual Showroom allows customers across the Professional Audio Monitoring, AV Installation and Home Audio segments to instantly access valuable Genelec information and resources in a unique and visually engaging interactive VR environment. Additionally, the Create With Genelec loan campaign will be run in selected territories to allow audio professionals, creatives and music educators to experience Genelec technology in the comfort of their own environment.  
The final element of the tour is the Genelec | Harmony Tracks global music collaboration, which encourages even greater end user engagement in Genelec's 45th celebrations. Genelec | Harmony Tracks invites participants to submit a piece of music using their own unique style, sound and local culture to create a new, powerful, and unifying patchwork of international musical harmony. The contest winner will receive a pair of Genelec 8330A studio monitors as a prize, and for every song entry submitted, Genelec will donate money to the charity Music Fund, which collects musical instruments, repairs them and gives them a second life by donating them to music schools and socio-artistic projects in Europe, developing countries and conflict zones around the world. Genelec will also be encouraging regional partners to get involved – with the goal of collecting and re-distributing 45 different types of instrument globally, in a celebration of the world's wonderfully diverse musical cultures.   
"Over the last 45 years we've created quite a company legacy, but none of this would be possible without our customers," comments Genelec Managing Director Siamäk Naghian. "So we want to use this anniversary year to look forward to the future, and empower and celebrate the people that create and love sound and music. Our passion for perfecting sound is shared by all the professionals and creatives who rely on Genelec technology every day. By inspiring each other, we're consistently driving the industry forward – and that's something truly worth celebrating!"  

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