Three New Boredbrain Eurorack Modules

US Spdf, Xport and Mimix are now available      10/02/23

Boredbrain has released three new Eurorack modules: Spdf, Xport and Mimix. Here's a list of their features direct from the company...

Spdf - S/PDIF Digital Converter

  • Encodes 2 analog inputs into a S/PDIF digital signal
  • Decodes a S/PDIF digital signal into 2 analog outputs
  • DC-coupled inputs and outputs support both CV and audio signals
  • Selectable 44.1/48 kHz internal sample clock or external sync
  • Digital coaxial cable connectors for S/PDIF signals (RCA)

Xport - 6-Channel Balanced Output

  • Eurorack to balanced line-level audio conversion
  • Low-noise signal path with isolated channel circuitry
  • Signal level and peak LED indicators per channel
  • ¼-inch TRS outputs with phantom power protection

Mimix - Dual Multiple & Unity Mixer

  • 1 to 4 buffered multiple with inverted 4th copy
  • 1 to 4 buffered multiple with rectified 4th copy
  • 4 to 1 unity mixer normalled to the two multiples
  • Bipolar LED signal indicators for each section

Pricing and Availability:
Spdf: $149
Xport: $149
Mimix: $99.00

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