Yep - Arturia Did Just Release MINIFreak V As VST

US And you can buy it now      18/01/23

Yep - Arturia Did Just Release MINIFreak V As VST

We kinda thought this might be coming, but not for a bit. With the success of the MINIFreak synthesizer release (see our review) also came the news that you would get the MINIFreak V a plug-in version of the same instrument, with compatible patches interchangeable between hardware and software.

Now the MINIFreak V is available as a product in its own right - and is a software recreation of the mainly digital MINIFreak hardware. Obviously the main difference is that the analog filters of the hardware are now emulated, but this isn't much of a stretch from a company who's bread and butter is emulating classic hardware.

MINIFreak V is a mirror of the hardware and that means it also is limited to 6 voices (or 12 in paraphonic mode) but of course you can run multiple instances of it in the same DAW. If you do have the MINIFreak hardware you of course get a dedicated 1:1 hardware controller to use with the plug-in - although you'll likely have already downloaded the free version you got with the hardware - you did right?

MINIFreak V is available now at an introductory price of €99 (from €199).

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