333 Prologue Patches

US Ultimate Patches celebrates the Korg Prologue's 5th anniversary with new sounds      11/01/23

To celebrate the Korg Prologue's 5th anniversary, Ultimate Patches has released the brand new Prologue 2023 Ultimate Patches. They say that, a total refresh of the synth with 333 sounds, it's the most comprehensive Prologue soundset since the synth's 2018 release.

The company tells us that the set includes brand new patches for 2023 plus the best of the popular Minilogue XD Ultimate Patches, and covers vintage analog and futuristic digital sounds, as well as traditional non-synth instruments including acoustic / electric pianos, B3 / Vox organs, acoustic / electric guitars & basses, orchestral instruments, 80s percussion and more. They say that this large collection spans the genres of classic and modern pop + rock, synthwave, cinematic, orchestral, latin, futurestep, vintage and modern hip hop, country, reggae, jazz, trap, chiptune, 70s soul, country, dubstep, reggaeton, deep house, trance, techno, tech house, experimental, modular and retrocade.

Pricing and Availability:
Winter 2023 Sale prices: $14.99 per Volume (111 Ultimate Patches) or $29.99 for all 3 volumes (333 Ultimate Patches).

Free patches from the collection are now available to download (no registration required) here.

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