Rack-Mounted Audiophile DJ Mixer

US Orbit.6 features valves and and a fully discrete internal signal path      31/10/22

Rack-Mounted Audiophile DJ Mixer

Union Audio has released the Orbit.6, which they describe as a flagship DJ mixer, as their first product. Here's their press release with the details...

Four years in development, the highly anticipated Orbit.6 has been unveiled by renowned mixer designer, Andy Rigby-Jones, and his new venture, Union Audio.  The six-channel rack-mounted analogue rotary mixer, has been meticulously engineered to meet the aspirations of audiophile DJ and vinyl lovers.

Since forming in 2014, Union Audio has been collaborating with leading names in the DJ and sound reproduction field, including Ritchie Hawtin's Play differently, MasterSounds Audio and TPI, so the release of the first own brand product is a major milestone in the company's journey from garden shed to manufacturing stronghold.

"It has long been my dream to launch Union Audio's own product line, and we've been working on orbit.6 for the last four years, so it's incredibly exciting to see all this effort finally come to fruition," said company founder, Andy Rigby-Jones. "What better way to start a new product range than with a flagship mixer!  I am very proud of my team, who have worked so hard to make this happen."

Orbit.6 features a per-channel valve stage, and a fully discrete internal signal path from Channel Input to Mix-Out. Equipped with four RIAA and eight Line inputs, each channel also incorporates an Aux send, High-Pass Filter and a heavily damped rotary fader, using Union Audio's bespoke 'dampR' system. The Master section features an EQ/Isolator and custom VU Meters.

Designed for the home studios of DJs and vinyl enthusiasts, as well as resident mixer in the booths of clubs and entertainment venues, Orbit.6 presents a unique and distinctive listening experience. Offering sweet clear highs, warm forward mids, and an extended, driving low end, orbit.6 promises to transform even the most modest setups while maximising the potential of high-end sound systems.

Pricing and Availability:
Available immediately, the SRP is £4575 +VAT, inclusive of the 'Europa' power supply unit.

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