SynthPlex 2022: Entropy and Sons Positronic Recsursion Studio

US Generative video synthesizer with CV control      30/10/22

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We first saw this at NAMM where it was  a surprisingly popular video. Honestly we didn't know you were into this kind of thing. So when we saw they were here at Synthplex we figured we'd better check and where they were with the production.

Good news is that they are on track for some units to be shipping early next year around Jan-Feb. You can preorder these at their website for around $1200.

The Positronic Recsursion Studio is a stand alone generative video image synthesizer with some really impressive real-time control either via MIDI or via one of the 8 CV inputs, making it a pretty cool companion for your jams or live performances. The complexity and quality of the video output is impressive and something you could easily get lost in for hours. I mean we know about modular time, so video modular time has got to be off the scale right?

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