Synthfest UK 22: Soundgas - Suzuki Waraku Koto Synth

US Playing with a rare and unusual synth from Japan      10/10/22

We discovered a very unusual instrument on our journey round Synthfest, and with no idea what we were looking at, we were very grateful for an explanation from Tony Miln from Soundgas.

The Suzuki Waraku Koto Synth is a rare electronic instrument from Japan, and was designed for playing traditional Japanese music. Built beautifully from wood, it is in the form of a classic Taisho Koto, and can be played with its polyphonic keyboard, by strumming the 5 strings or bashing the drum pads. It even has MIDI out.

Tony also gave us a quick rundown of some of the exotic gear available from Soundgas, including a stereo Roland Space Echo, and their own spring reverb.

You can buy a Suzuki Waraku Koto from Price: £865 Ex VAT

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