MESSE:Suzuki Update the Ominchord

US Another Future Classic?      10/03/01

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It's a pretty unlikely candidate for a future classic I will admit but you may have thought that when the first Omnichord came out - some years ago. However the original model is quite wideey sought after, used by acts such as Peter Gabriel and GoldFrapp for it's sparkling strums. Suzuki have now released the Q Chord - "Digital Songcard Guitar" rather worryingly accompanied by the tag - "0 to Musician in 9 seconds flat!" Sort of a super omnichord; it features a card system to load accompaniments. Titles range from the timeless "Holiday Song Favourites" to the unmissable "Religious Standards" . Sadly, we were unable to attend the full demo but snapped off a couple of hurried shots before anyone saw us. Could be one of those unlikely must haves. Billed very much as a 'fun' instrument the brochure curiously features a couple of bright young things on a scooter - a Suzuki no doubt .

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