Podcast: Sonic TALK 728 - MODX+ Komplete 14

US And more      15/09/22

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69:7 mins


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00:00:15 SHOW START
00:10:09 Yamaha MODX+
00:24:02 AD: Baby Audio - Save 15% With ST15 Code
00:24:59 Native Instruments Komplete 14
00:37:18 AD: iZotope Music Producers Club
00:40:26 Nicholas Bryant asks via - [youtube] - QQ All. If you were moving house would studio/music space play a big role in your choice?
00:46:53 bo heem asks via - [youtube] - QQ What is your oldest piece of technology used in your music making?
00:47:14 bo heem asks via - [youtube] - QQ What is your oldest piece of technology used in your music making?
00:51:17 Nick Howes asks via - [youtube] - QQ With the M1 M2 processors now being so ridiculously fast capable of running a Motorola M563XX emulator easily will cloning synths become more of a thing? (rather than emulations)
00:55:00 JHVE asks via - [irc] - QQ hiltonius what OS are you on Rich or what OS Everybody....I'm on Mojave think I have to go to Catalina very very soon
01:01:30 Echo Kraft asks via - [youtube] - QQ-how do you feel about Roland purchasing DW?

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