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US Complex multi-delay FX plug-in      13/09/22

Announced last week and to much anticipation: this is one of Urs Heckmann's pet projects, its been a while in the cooking stage as it has a new UI and some additional features which bring even more possibilities, to this already feature rich effect plug-in. Indeed the tag line is "Delay Heaven" and that pretty much sums it up...

With four delay lines at it's heart, there's also a complex feedback matrix, insert effects, filters galore (input, output, feedback path) plus four LFO's, two multi-segment Envelope generators, as well as comprehensive MIDI control (via Keyboard, mod wheel, after-touch).

Its kind of like a studio FX where you get to build your own algorithms and routings, to create anything from tasteful  delays, to crunched and filtered dub fx to massive, other-worldly cavernous reverbs and granular delays.

Editor Nick Batt takes a poke around with the NiftyKeyz modular case and Dreadbox Nymphes connected to see where it leads.

Available now priced at €99 Euros

Additional footage for this review is available on our

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