Rig Tour: Matths Modular Live Rig

US From recent Brighton gig      21/07/22

A recent visit to Brighton coincided with an interesting bill at railway arch venue The Green Door Store - long-time SonikTalk guest Matt Hodson aka MATTHS was playing, together with psychedelic outfit The Utopia Strong, featuring Kavus Torabi (Gong, Cardiacs, Knifeworld) Michael J. York (Coil, Guapo) and Steve Davis (yes, that Steve Davis, snooker legend and now music guru).

So we grabbed cameras and managed to film a quick rig tour with both acts - Chris Black of nearby electronic duo Battery Operated Orchestra was kind enough to come along and ask questions.

First up was MATTHS, who had a deceptively compact modular setup that produced a massively impressive sound.

Though he has a pretty expansive modular arsenal, Matt's minimal show rig was carefully chosen not only to maximise his sonic palette, but also to provide an impressive degree of control over how that sound was presented.

Matt was using studio production techniques to really sculpt the sound and create powerful dynamics during his performance, which was very much crafted into several discrete sections.

It was a great performance - really enjoyed it!

Hope you enjoy his explainer about the live rig he's currently using.

High quality, mastered audio for this live show will be available for free to MATTHS subscribers over at his band camp page https://matths.bandcamp.com along with hours of additional exclusive releases. 

 More info: www.matthsmatthsmatths.com

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