Gearfest UK 22: SSL BiG SiX Mixer - Interface

US More Channels, plus Bus      04/07/22

We saw the news of the SSL BiG SiX but this weekend's GearFest UK at Tileyard Studios in London - the new pro audio show with Sound On Sound gave us the opportunity to see it in the flesh. 

The BiG SiX expands on the original Six (which we reviewed) and adds more SuperAnalogue channels, stereo inputs and a 16 channel USB audio interface - something that was highly requested from the SiX.

  • Four SuperAnalogueâ„¢ 'Money Channels' with Mic / Line level input / Hi-Z / phantom power / HPF / Polarity switch / classic SSL Channel Dynamics / updated three-band EQ (based on SSL E Series) / fully balanced insert point
  • Four stereo inputs featuring dual mono switching and wide gain range
  • Built in 16-channel high quality USB AD/DA converters (96 Khz / 24-bit) with advanced routing capabilities
  • Three compressor flavours: Classic SSL channel dynamics, Listen Mic Compressor and Essential version of G-Comp Bus Compressor now featuring 'Auto' release
  • 100 mm studio grade faders
  • Professional LED meters with fast and accurate peak response
  • Two independent headphone outputs
  • Comprehensive monitoring section
  • Two stereo cue feeds
  • Up to 18 inputs at mixdown
  • Mix Bus inject for cascading additional SiX/BiG SiX consoles

Available now priced at £2159

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