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US BLEASS Monolit Monophonic Analog Synthesizer is available for download      23/06/22

BLEASS Monolit is a Monophonic Analog Synthesizer for Desktop & iOS. The company tells us that it is the 21st BLEASS plugin and was released on Music Day, June 21st, 2022.

A spokesperson told us, "BLEASS Monolit combines the rich analogue sound and intuitive ease-of-use of BLEASS Alpha with the creative expressiveness of BLEASS Omega. The result is a compact, efficient, mono-synth tailor-made for creating thunderous basses, searing leads, sparkling arpeggios and other-worldly SFX. It is free to download, forever! It's our way to thank all of the community that has been supporting BLEASS for so many years. You rock! We want to thank especially all of the great sound designers who carefully designed amazing sounding presets which are available in the factory presets: they've made BLEASS Monolit sound even better!"

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