Fertilize Your Drum Transients

US Klevgrand releases Fosfat Transient Fertilizer for desktop and iPad      22/06/22

Klevgrand says that their new plug-in, Fosfat – Transient Fertilizer, will add bite and oomph to your beat.

A spokesperson told us, "It can of course add its magic to any sound you can think of, but where Fosfat shines the most, and what it was primarily designed for, is to cultivate those drums. Fosfat – Transient Fertilizer enriches your percussive sounds by following the dynamic of the incoming sound and adding tonal and noise textures to it. We think of it almost like an EQ, in the way it shapes the sound, but it adds instead of cutting or boosting. It's perfect for when you have a nutrient deficient recording (lacking bass or attack in the kick for example), or if you just want to add some extra sub or pleasant stereo fizz to any percussive sound."

Pricing and Availability:
For macOS/Windows (AU,VST,AAX): Introductory offer $23.99 (Regular price $39.99)
For iPad (AUv3,Standalone): $8.99

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