Sonic LAB: Cre8Audio Function Junction Module Review

US ADSR, Function Generator, LFO, & Mixer      26/04/22

Cre8audio are on a roll - with last week's NiftyKeyZ Eurorack case/keyboard (see our review), today they release the Function Junction - an ADSR Function Generator, LFO and Mixer all in one module.

We take a look...

Function Junction is available now with an estimated street price of $199.99 / €199.99 from and Cre8audio dealers worldwide.

Function Junction key features:

  • Dedicated ADSR, Function Generator, LFO, & Mixer sections

  • ADSR / Envelope

    • Fully analog Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers developed 4 stage ADSR circuit with independent Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release controls.

  • "Loop" capability for envelope cycling. The SUSTAIN KNOB and RELEASE KNOB are used to adjust the time it takes to loop. Loop can be toggled on and off with button press or via gate

  • Function Generator

    • Function Generator can be used as an envelope generator, a voltage controlled LFO, a slew generator, a gate signal delay, envelope follower, a clock source, voltage controlled clock divider, complex modulation source, and more

    • Modulation input can be to attack, decay, or both. 

    • Loop mode

  • Dual LFO

    • Triangle and Square LFO outs 

  • 3 channel attenuverting mixer with + OR circuit

    • Mixer can be split into 3 independent attenuverters, one two-channel mixer, and one attenuverter, or a three-channel mixer

    • When not being used as a mixer each channel is normaled to one of the other functions of the module, ADSR, Function Generator, and LFO enabling both an additional out put for each section as well as a dedicated attenuverter for each.

    • + OR circuit outputs the current highest voltage value of any of the voltages output by the mixer

  • 16hp Eurorack format module


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