New Sounds For Your Moog One

US GEOSynths releases Singularity Vol 3 Soundset      22/03/22

 GEOSynths has released a new SoundSet for the Moog One. They say that Singularity Vol 3, like the previous Banks 1 and 2, covers a wide range of sounds but places more focus on Motion Pads and Evolving StringPads which are full of texture and colour.

A spokesperson told us, "As usual, all 128 Patches are demonstrated for context, where many are made up from 2 or more Layers as Stacks or Splits.  Mod Wheel, Aftertouch and X/Y Pad is set up for all, to either subtly or vastly change the sound."

Pricing and Availability:
Singularity Vol 3 costs $55

More information:


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