Behringer Reveals Yet Another Mini Synth

US UB-1 portable analog synth just needs chips to make it into production      04/03/22

Behringer Reveals Yet Another Mini Synth

Newly revealed on the Behringer Facebook page and looking very Oberheim-like, is the UB-1, described as a Portable Analog Synthesizer with 2 Analog Oscillators, Classic VCF and Arpeggiator.

A spokesperson had this to say, "Uli passionately believes in empowering everyone by providing access to great sounding musical instruments, especially for kids, so they can start a lifelong love affair with electronic music and sound synthesis. The UB-1 synthesizer is fully developed and once we receive the chips, we'll be shipping this marvel your way. Don't be fooled by the size - this is a monster synth in a small package. Best of all the estimated price is only $49."

What's under the tiny hood?
- Programmable synthesizer with 2 DCOs and classic 4-pole filter
- Legendary 3396/3397 analog chip design, found in the Oberheim Matrix 6/1000*
- 16 touch-sensitive keys for great playability
- 32 memory presets, expandable via SynthTribe app
- Arpeggiator with 3 patterns and hold function
- Individual envelopes for VCF and VCA for creative sound shaping
- 2 powerful LFOs to control filter and oscillator tuning
- 6 functions buttons and OLED display for easy and immediate parameter editing
- USB Micro connector allows powering via smartphone, power bank or computer
- Comprehensive USB/MIDI implementation (including NRPN/CC control of all parameters and bulk load/save)


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