Roland JP8000: The 90s Trance Machine

US Estuera checks out the iconic synth      04/02/22

Trance in the 90s was a high-octane, melodic and euphoric combination of sounds with the Roland JP8000 (and rack mount 8080) being one that defined the era. On tracks by the likes of Paul Van Dyke, Ferry Corsten, Darude and Push - it's demonstrated here by youtuber Estuera who is known for keeping his productions in keeping with a distinctive era

Having shared some of the most prominent sound on the machine, he covers the functions and features within it - including the famous 'supersaw'. His production is right on the money, seemingly transported here from the 90s directly - with a clean, punchy, and expansive mix. You can buy his tracks on his bandcamp page.

More videos from Estuera can be found here:


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