Sonic Lab: u-he Metaphorium Patches For Hive 2.1

US Patch flip and exploration      11/01/22

U-he recently released a major new sound pack  for HIVE 2.1  titled Metaphorium. The sounds were originally commissioned by Johnny Klimek for some upcoming "secret" film work - which turned out to be The Matrix Resurrections and featured sounds from Hive. 

Hive was originally conceived as a simpler more immediate, less CPU intensive instrument in comparison to the big guns of Diva, Bazille and Zebra while still offering a decent amount of potential. 

Metaphorium has patches from the top table of u-he sound designers: Howard Scarr, Viktor Weimer and Urs Heckmann. So we can expect some complex work, pushing the instrument into some interesting sonic territory. 

During the development of this sound set, Urs also added features to Hive to enable more detail and synthesis possibilities, so it's a rare opportunity to see the masters at work.

We take a look...

Metaphorium is available now - with 220+ patches for Hive 2.1 - price is €39


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