Sonic LAB: Wavesfactory Quantum - Beyond Transient Shaping

US Apply separate processes to transient and sustain      07/12/21

Waves Factory Quantum doesn't have a nice easy one line description. But at its heart is a transient processing engine which splits the signal into Attack and Sustain, and offers two complete processing paths for each portion of the sound.

Extremely useful for taking any sound source which has a percussive or transient portion of the sound, it can then process with 16 DSP processes:

Chorus. Compressor, Convolution, Delay, Enhancer, EQ, Flanger, Limiter, Lo-fi, Phaser, Pitch Shifter, Reverb, Saturaiton, Stereo Tools, Tremolo and Vibrato

Owen Palmer  experienced record producer and mix engineer takes a look at Quantum for us.

Wavesfactory Quantum Available formats
macOS and Windows. 64-bit only.
AAX, Audio Units, VST and VST3.

Priced at £129/$149



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