New Gesture-Based Music Controller

LAZER responds to hand movements like a theremin      22/11/21

Suonobuono tells us that LAZER is a unique gesture-based music controller. They say that thanks to its rich set of outputs, it can control external MIDI instruments and effects, analog synthesizers and virtual instruments in a DAW such as Ableton Live, Cubase or Logic. It also has an on-board lo-fi oscillator that can drive headphones or be used as an audio source.

Stefano Sorrentino, Suonobuono's founder told us, "I am excited to launch a product which is really fun to use and unique in several ways. Controlling parameters by waving hands breaks subliminal habits associated to turning knobs and can unlock new creativity. It is also an indisputably expressive performance opportunity for live artists. I am also happy to market LAZER at a pretty affordable price, despite the current difficulties in supply chain that are particularly acute for us boutique manufacturers".

Here's the details direct from Suonobuono...

LAZER is completely standalone and does not require a computer. Perfect for live jams and DAWless musicians! The sensor measures the distance of the hand and transforms it into MIDI, analog and audio signals, according to user settings. With a resolution of 1mm and a configurable range of up to 50cm, LAZER allows for precise control of sensitive parameters such as pitch and filter frequency.

LAZER does not require wearing any wearable and can be used in most light conditions with bare hands. For best performance it should however be avoided to point strong light sources directly into the sensor. Multiple sensors can be used simultaneously without interfering with each other.

LAZER is powered by USB and it is housed in a sturdy high quality machined brushed aluminum case. Its small dimensions (8x8x2cm, 130g) make it easy to fit on top of keyboards or next to an analog synth or any other instruments.

About Suonobuono: LAZER is the second product by Stockholm-based Swedish boutique manufacture Suonobuono. The Company debuted in 2019 with the successful launch of the nABC sidechain compressor, which is now used by hundreds of musicians.

Pricing and Availability:
LAZER is available for pre-order on at a launch price of 119 Euros / 149 USD + tax/VAT. Shipment is expected by end of January.

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