Best Service Releases Elysion 2 By Sonuscore

US New version of the fast scoring tool      03/11/21

Best Service has released Elysion 2 by Sonuscore. This is what they have to say about it...

We started a journey into the future of sound – and we arrived! Elysion 2 enriches your synthetic palette with more aggressive, powerful and driving sounds. If you're scoring trailers, blockbusters or just want to hear the universe burn – Elysion 2 will get you covered!

Interstellar Sound. Instant inspiration. Supernatural Workflow.

Elysion 2 is our massive and incredibly fast scoring tool. Press a key and unleash a raw and vivid sonic scenario with our breakthrough and award-winning ensemble engine, known from "The Orchestra". Elysion 2 – The Encounter takes you to the very extremes of our universe – within one modwheel-turn.

  • Single-Instrument NKIs – We included every instrument as a single-instrument NKI to freely play it outside Elysion's engine.
  • Distortion & Saturation FX – Elysion 2 comes with various built-in effects to enable a more aggressive and driving sound.
  • Switchable GUI – Choose freely between the two GUIs of Elysion and Elysion 2.


Powerful Features, maximum Creativity!

  • Sampled Synthetic Instruments – Up to 3 Round Robins and 5 Velocity Layers deepen the dynamic of our carefully handcrafted synthetic instruments, providing extreme expressiveness: Every layer of the ambient synth is carefully designed to correspond and even outdo the immense liveliness of real instruments in timbre, impact and intensity.
  • Ensemble Engine 2.0 – For Elysion 2 we reworked our critically acclaimed ensemble engine, which lets you play and customize up to five instrument modules simultaneously. Within every module you are now free to control it via envelope or arpeggiator. You can now even morph between two Layers in both the Arpeggiator and the Envelope, which lets you control up to 10 interleaved rhythms within one patch.
  • A Milestone for Hybrid Composing – Encounter the diversity of 207 instantly playable hybrid organic instruments, the infinite depth of over 12.500 samples – all carefully recorded, handcrafted and layered with up to 5 velocity layers – and the flexibility of over 400 complex animated and fully customizable themes

Pricing and Availability:
Elysion 2 is available now as a download oder boxed version for only €/$ 249
Elysion 2 Upgrade for users of Elysion is available for € 39

Registered users of "The Orchestra Essentials", "The Orchestra", "Strings of Winter", "Horns of Hell" or "The Orchestra Complete" can get a Crossgrade for only €/$ 179

Users that registered Elysion in the last 4 weeks will automatically get a free upgrade added to their customer account.

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