Making A Tune Using The Tesla Built-in Trax DAW

The Kid Parris takes the challenge Nuala on vocals      06/10/21

The news of Tesla's rather whacky idea of integrating a DAW into the dashboard of their vehicles is not new, though we're still kind of surprised its a thing, but it seems there have not been a slew of driving/parking/vehicle inspired tracks storming the playlists from Tesla owners either stuck in traffic or sitting around in car parks (wait that would be weird no?). 

However, our friends over at Electroheads (the channel dedicated to electric vehicles - run by our former Amped Guitar channel editor) decided that the challenge needed to be risen to and invited @thekidparris and vocalist @nualasmusic to hop in the back and give it a go.  They used the included TRAX App - a DAW designed to be used in quieter minutes in your journey - obviously NOT while driving, at least not until they sort out the fully autonomous driving tech - and from this experience with the stability of the TRAX daw software, I'd leave it for a bit...

Interesting fact - the Tesla in question has a 15 speaker banging hi-fi system as standard in this particular model (the model 3) which starts at a cool ¬£40,990 so you'd hope so eh?

We're not sure whether the Audio Interface is included (for recording the vocals) but that's a minor detail..

Watch to see how they got on


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