Ableton Live 11.1 Public Beta - M1 Native And Other Tweaks

US Updated devices, Arrangement view, Browser and more      28/09/21

Ableton Live 11.1 Public Beta - M1 Native And Other Tweaks

Ableton have just opened the doors on their 11.1 Public beta which now adds native Apple Silicon support as probably the biggest headline, but also adds a number of other updates and feature tweaks.

Highlights include:

  • Improved Shifter Device - (Live and Suite) pitch shifting, frequency shifting and ring mod
  • Align Delay Device - (Suite) delay incoming signals by samples, ms, meters/feet
  • Midi Shaper Device - (Suite) multi-breakpoint envelopes for mappable modulation
  • Arrangement navigation improvements - arrow keys give more options for moving automation lanes
  • Wavetable - high quality context mode
  • Session View Improvements 

For a full list of new stuff - check the Release Notes

You can get access to the Public Beta by registering here:

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