Superbooth 21: XAOC Devices - Minsk, Zagrzeb & Erfurt

US 3 new modules from XAOC Devices      15/09/21

Xaoc devices have announced 3 new modules for Superbooth 21. Firstly are two modules designed for stereo eurorack modular applications. Minsk is a mid/side processor for eurorack and Zagrzeb is a stereo multimode filter. Minsk gives you the ability to process the mid and the side signals separately as well as take an inputted mono audio signal and produce a wide stereo image. Zagrzeb is a stereo multimode filter that gives you some interesting bandpass options for filtering as well as the ability to take a mono signal and produce a stero output. 

Lastly we had a look at the Erfurt module, which is part of the binary subsystem of modules made by XAOC Devices. 

Zagrzeb - €260

Minsk - €180

Erfurt - €160

More info at XAOC Devices 

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