Control Focusrite Mic Pres From SSL Consoles

US Focusrite teams up With Solid State Logic to offer more control of the RedNet MP8R      13/08/21

Control Focusrite Mic Pres From SSL Consoles

Focusrite tells us that they are excited to announce that they recently teamed up with Solid State Logic to enable Focusrite RedNet MP8R 8-channel mic pres to work seamlessly with SSL System T consoles. They say that audio engineers working in live sound, post-production, broadcast or recording studio settings can now directly control RedNet MP8R mic pres from their SSL System T console.

Here's the Focusrite press statement...

The Focusrite RedNet MP8R is already established as a high-quality remote-controlled mic pre, perfect for users working in live sound, post production, broadcasting and in the recording studio.

With the addition of RedNet MP8R input control directly from the SSL System T, the focus is on interoperability and integrating third-party devices. The RedNet interface can be controlled from the console, and has the ability to store and recall parameters with scenes and showfiles.

RedNet MP8R and the SSL System T make it even easier to manage your workflow and completely control your interface, whether working live or in the studio.

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