OP-1 Gets USB Audio Streaming

US Teenage Engineering releases firmware update #243 for their portable synth      15/07/21

OP-1 Gets USB Audio Streaming

Teenage Engineering tells us that OP-1 OS #243 is out now. Here's the story in their own words...

as you know, we have been updating the OP-1 regularly throughout its first ten year lifespan, constantly adding new features and fixing bugs. these updates have all been free of charge and have been compatible with every unit released, from the first early beta units to the very latest batches fresh from the factory. the newest firmware update #243 is no different. it is free for all and compatible with every OP-1 unit available. except this time the addition brings functionality to OP-1 that many wouldn't expect to be possible for a product that is over ten years old.

streaming usb audio
with update #243, every OP-1 is now capable of streaming stereo audio over usb. this means that you can now sample and record to OP-1 directly from any usb audio host, as well as get OP-1 audio straight into your favorite daw, in effect replacing the need for an external sound card. it works with both pc and mac, as well as with ios and android, and has been made possible by adapting and using our knowledge from OP–Z. the update also includes a range of bug fixes and stability improvements.

here's some of the update highlights

  • added usb audio device in & out
  • external tempo sync stability improved
  • when tape is armed and OP-1 receives a play command, recording now starts

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