Interview: Yoad Nevo Shares Production Secrets

US For his track on the SONIC 001 album      27/06/21

Last week we released our first release on the newly formed Sonicstate bandcamp label.

SONIC 001 is an 18 track compilation from some of our contributors over the years. As well as being able to buy it right here on Bandcamp at a very reasonable £7 (or more), we've filmed interviews with the creators.

This time it's Yoad Nevo's turn. His production, mixing and songwriting credits are too numerous to list here, but when we all heard his track "Waiting for You" with vocalist Nina Smith, we all figured we should maybe go back and mix ours again!

So we jumped at the chance to see how it was made.

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We take a look at the multi-track Logic session to see how this was put together - there are some great tips and information to be gleaned from this, so grab a cuppa and enjoy

SONIC 001 - on Bandcamp - 18 Tracks of good stuff.

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