Out Today! SONIC 001 - 18 Tracks From Our Contributors

GB Our first release      18/06/21

Out Today! SONIC 001 - 18 Tracks From Our Contributors

You may have heard mention of it on our weekly SonicTalk podcast and today (18th-June) sees the release of our very first compilation album on the new SonicState label.

The album is released on Bandcamp on their Juneteenth fundraiser day.


"We've been online since 1995, providing a resource for, and by musicians for all these years, and there's such an enormous wealth of talent in all the contributors who've been part of the Sonic family during that journey, we thought it was high time we showcased it, so I asked if people would contribute a track to the project",

says co-founder Andy McCreeth.

"I was hoping maybe to get enough material for an album - in the end there were 18 tracks submitted, way more than I could have ever hoped for, and to be honest I'm blown away by the amount and sheer quality of the music. It's been an absolute joy to listen to it all, and a pleasure to re-connect with everyone again."

Contributors to the album SONIC 001 include regular SonicTalk guests: 
Rich Hilton - keyboard player with legendary band ChicSteve Hillier - of UK act Dubstar fame; mix supremo Yoad Nevo; film & TV composer Ty Unwin and many more, including some of the early pioneers of Sonicstate's video content such as Simon Power and Marc Doty, who were both involved with pre-YouTube era video series such as 'Top 20 Greatest Synths'.

As well as releasing the album, we've filmed a series of video interviews with the track makers, talking about their music making process.

The first of which is with editor Nick Batt:

Track listing:

  • 01 - Richard Hilton - Active8 Sonicstate
  • 02 - Nick Batt - Yodel
  • 03 - Chicky & Coco - n3w5tress0rs
  • 04 - Yoad Nevo & Nina Smith - Waiting For You
  • 05 - PJ Tracy - Beneath The Mask
  • 06 - Dominic Hawken - Heartbeat
  • 07 - Jem Godfrey - Wrecker
  • 08 - Steve Hillier - Open and Empty
  • 09 - Gaz Williams - Destination_Next Century
  • 10 - Marc Doty - My Anamnesis
  • 11 - aka TINLEY - Cinnamon Lane
  • 12 - The Girls - No Party Atmosphere
  • 13 - SpaceySysEx - Titan Velvet Sheet
  • 14 - Edd Butterworth - Met Of Woods
  • 15 - Corry Banks - Wigwam|
  • 16 - MATTHS - Hanka
  • 17 - Simon Power - Blossom
  • 18 - Ty Unwin - Freebies


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