Cutting-Edge Hybrid Distortion Plug-In

US Rift combines bi-polar distortion with physical modeling feedback & morphing filters      26/05/21

Minimal Audio has launched Rift, a new plug-in that they describe as cutting-edge hybrid distortion. Here's the story in their own words...

Excite your sounds like never before. Rift is the next evolution of distortion with groundbreaking effects, endless modulation, and an all-around musical mindset. Immediately start creating with a huge preset library and intuitive Play View. Quickly build sophisticated movements with our powerful modulation system.

At Rift's core is a unique distortion engine with 30 custom algorithms spanning both classic and never before heard processors. These effects are blended in the novel waveform engine, giving you precise control over how the two algorithms are combined and clear visual feedback over what is happening. Drive the distortion, and change the number of processing stages to create super-rich harmonics. Expand your sounds even further with a flexible feedback processor, custom morphing filters, and our curve modulation system.

Key Features:
• Bipolar Distortion Engine With Six Stages of Processing, 30 Custom Algorithms
• Pre/Post Distortion Morph Filtering with 24 Custom Stereo Filter Types
• Flexible Feedback & Delay Effects
• Powerful Curve Sequencing For Complex Modulation
• Intuitive Pitch Snapping for Feedback and Filter
• Midi Tracking for Feedback and Filter
• 400+ Presets
• Two Views: Play View & Advanced View
• Intelligent Randomization
• In-App Tool Tips

Pricing and Availability:

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