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US Minimal Audio launches Cluster Delay      01/03/23

Minimal Audio has released Cluster Delay They tell us that its easy-to-use interface allows you to sculpt rhythmic delay sequences by ramping, spacing, and scattering up to eight processed delay taps in time.

A spokesperson said, "Create nuanced and unique sounding delays with six integrated effects. Explore echo soundscapes and transform any dry sound into expansive spaces using integrated diffusion to create reverb-type effects."

Here's more details direct from the company...

Six Integrated FX & More
Create nuanced and unique sounding delays with six routable effects. Keep your mix clean with built-in ducking, filters, and mid-side control. Route the delay line into a chorus, frequency shifter, phaser, flanger, wobble, or diffusion effect.

Cluster Delay Features:
• 100 versatile presets ranging from retro tape delays to modern soundscapes
• 6 Integrated FX: Diffusion, Chorus, Wobble, Frequency Shifter, Phaser, Flanger
• Up to 8 delay taps routing in stereo or mid/side
• Macro control over delay taps shape, timing, and stereo spread
• Integrated Ducking - Ducking the delay signal to the input signal for clean mixing and pumping effects
• Analog Mode for analog-inspired 'gritty' feedback
• Input Send Mode - Balance the delay lines gain without effecting the input signal gain
• Preset Randomizaton, Tooltips, & More

System Requirements
Formats: 64 bit AU, VST, VST3, and AAX
Works on:macOS 10.9 or higher Windows 10 or higher

Pricing and Availability:

More information:


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