Behringer Finally Relaunch The RD-9 Drum Machine

In stores 1-2 months, no really...      28/01/21

Behringer just released a new video featuring the RD-9, their TR-909 clone. Now this may seem a little familiar to those of you who've been waiting since we first saw a prototype at Knobcon 2018, yes it has taken this long to get the machine into production. 
The official name of it has also morphed from being the initial RD-909 to the RD-09 to the RD-9.
But according to the Facebook post and Youtube video released today featuring the new product video person Dan - who we hear used to work at Roland (ouch).
Dan says its now full steam ahead and will be in stores in the next 1-2 months.

The RD-9 is pretty much a re-boot/clone of the classic 909 which underpinned so many tracks from the 90's  - the Kick, Snare and Hats are so incredibly familiar to many. But also was partially responsible for the homogenous sound of many pop dance tracks from that era. But there's no denying the kick particularly, is a very potent thing.

The RD-9 also adds Bass Drum Pitch (different from tune?) and Pitch Depth as well as the tuning of the Hi-Hat. It also features the Wave Designer we saw on the RD-8 which is a compressor/transient shaper that can add a lot of extra whack.

The RD-9 doesn't have an official price as yet, but the RD-8 is around £270 in the UK so we assume it may be in the same range.

I guess these will be in the hands of the new Super Partners that they've been doing deals with in various countries around the world after they parted ways with their main international distributor last year.

Once its officially available it should show up on the website


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