Melodyne Bundled With Pro Tools

US Now comes with a full version of Melodyne 5 essential      18/11/20

Celemony Software tells us that with Version 2020.11, all Pro Tools users with an active subscription or an active Update + Support Plan will find a full version of Melodyne included. They say that Melodyne 5 essential offers the basic Melodyne functions for pitch and timing – ideal for editing vocals. A spokesperson told us, "It's musical, fast, and intuitive. With the same algorithms and Grammy-award-winning sound quality as the large Melodyne editions."

Melodyne 5 essential operates in Pro Tools as an AAX plug-in. Melodyne's Audio to MIDI function can be accessed directly from within Pro Tools, the communication for this being implemented via ARA.

Celemony is offering a coupon to Pro Tools users who already possess Melodyne.

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