Synth Inspired By Melodramatic Trance

Fors releases Superberry for Mac, Window and Max for Live      05/11/20

Fors tells us that Superberry is a synthesizer for Mac+Win & Max for Live inspired by memories of their favorite melodramatic trance melodies, made hyperreal using an enigmatic FM core.

A spokesperson said, "Paired with the Roulette sequencer, Superberry can emit evolving patterns that seemingly have no end - thrown into the lens of our dual Bokeh Delays obscuring it into ambient bliss."

Here's more details direct from Fors...


  • 1 × Super sharp Supersaw Oscillator
  • 1 × Stackable Sub Oscillator
  • 1 × Ordinary AHR Envelope
  • 2 × Diffusing Bokeh Delay
  • 1 × Poly/Asymmetric Roulette Sequencer
  • 1 × Flexible LFO Modulator

FM Core
Superberry's oscillators are based on high quality phase modulation, ranging from super sharp to super soft timbres. No filters necessary.

The Roulette sequencer is both polymetric and asymmetric, meaning the rhythm and pitch data is entirely separate and can run at different lengths for evolving patterns.

Superberry's interface has multiple themes to choose from, and if those are not to your liking you can change the colors yourself with the built-in controls.

Pricing and Availability:
Superberry and Roulette bundle: €49

More information:




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