USB Midi To CV Interface With Extras

US Audiophile Circuits League previews ACL MiniMIDI module      20/07/20

Audiophile Circuits League (ACL) has released a preview video of the MiniMIDI which they describe as an ultra compact Midi to CV interface including a bunch of extras.

A spokesperson told us, "Via the CC output it can transmit velocity, aftertouch and several MIDI controller values. It is configurable to 15 different modes through DIP switches. The CV output can be precisely calibrated."


  • 4HP
  • Pitch Output (1V / Octave ) : -3V to 7V
  • Gate Output : 0V / 10V
  • MIDI CC Output : 0V to 5V
  • MIDI Start / Stop : Active High ( 5V )
  • MIDI Clock : Rising edge ( 5V )
  • USB MIDI Host Interface output current : up to 500 mA


Pricing and Availability:
Coming soon. TBA.

More information:


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